I began collecting stones as a child whenever I went to a beach or along a river bank and that has continued all my life. I trip over the samples and there are not enough shelves left in my house and studio to place them on!

My career as a sculptor commenced at Heatherley’s Art School as a mature student fifteen years ago, and once I had tried stone carving, my passion for this medium was ignited. I love creating semi-figurative forms which partially emerge from the block of stone.

They have life, yet they remain attached to their natural origin: almost embryonic. Looking for the inherent potential and colours in the stone, my female forms create a sensuality which appeals to both male and female collectors.

My flowing and organic alabaster forms reveal the plasticity of the medium, which transforms our preconceived understanding of inflexible stone. “How does she make stone bend?” is a comment I overheard at my last exhibition!

When working in stone I focus on giving priority to nature, exploring it rather than exploiting it.

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Perfectly still, and yet full of movement; Aly Brown’s sculptures have a fluid vitality to them. Her materials are often hewn straight from the dramatic landscape around her studio in Norway, and the primary and pure energy of their composition evokes the once-liquid movement of the stone which she has so deftly carved into the cool, curvilinear forms of her sculptures. This energy is, in part, made possible by her exceptional dexterity: alabaster seems to ripple in the air as we pass it, an undulating ribbon of stone tapering to an impossibly fine edge. Or, quietly resting sensual forms seem to hold their breath as we go by, momentarily static under our gaze. The poetry of these sculptures unmistakably conjures up living movement, warmth, flesh – life. Just as, in a photograph, a living form can be fixed in the absolute stillness of silver gelatine, so Aly’s sculptures achieve a sense of dynamic life, frozen in the stillness and perennity of the subtle and beautiful stone in which she works.

- Oliver Beer, winner of the Saatchi Post Graduate award 2009